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The Healing Powers of Oxygen

For Henry, a 73-year-old Taunton resident, what appeared to be merely a small sore recently turned into a potentially life-changing problem. 

While working out one day, Henry - an avid gym-goer - noticed what felt like a blister on his foot.  As days went by, Henry realized the sore was not going away – in fact, it was getting worse.  As a diabetic, Henry knew he was prone to slow-healing wounds, and he wanted to be sure that this particular wound wasn’t a cause for concern.  He visited a local hospital to have it checked out, and soon after began treatment.  Unhappy with his lack of progress there, Henry was then confronted with the surprising suggestion to amputate his foot.  Henry disagreed with that option and immediately decided to seek treatment elsewhere.  That’s when Henry’s son suggested the Morton Hospital Center for Wound Healing in Taunton, MA

After an initial consultation with the Center for Wound Healing physicians – Bruce Bodner, MD, Thomas Roodhouse, MD, and Joseph Tito, MD – Henry began wound care treatments, including surgical removal of dead tissue and special wound dressings.  It was apparent, though, that traditional treatment was not enough, so Henry also began treatments in one of the Center’s hyperbaric oxygen chambers.

Delivered and monitored by trained wound healing specialists, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBO) is an effective treatment option for many chronic and non-healing wounds.  Morton Hospital’s Center for Wound Healing has been providing HBO since the center opened in 2006.

During HBO treatment, the patient’s entire body is under increased atmospheric pressure and the patient breaths 100 percent oxygen.  The increase in oxygen in the blood encourages the creation of blood vessels and increases the production of collagen, the body’s natural “scaffolding” – both necessary for wound healing.  In addition to external non-healing wounds (especially in diabetics), HBO is used to treat other conditions, including tissue damage from radiation therapy, bone infections, and select crush and traumatic injuries.

According to Henry, receiving treatments in the hyperbaric chamber is simple and relaxing.  In fact, Henry was so comfortable he often took naps while inside. 

During his time as a Center for Wound Healing patient, Henry formed a lasting bond with the staff.  “The staff is very nice, and they go out of their way to make you feel comfortable,” he said.  “I know every one of the staff – and they know me – on a first name basis, and they would do anything for you.  That in itself promotes healing.”

After about 40 HBO treatments, Henry’s foot wound was completely healed, and he was released from his treatment plan.  Because of his success with HBO therapy, Henry now only returns to the Center for Wound Healing for occasional checkups.  He has also been able to return to doing the things he loves, like going to the gym and singing at local churches and nursing homes.

“I will certainly recommend the Center for Wound Healing to others,” said Henry.  “I told the staff that I regretted leaving.”

About the Center for Wound Healing

If you are one of the more than five million Americans suffering from a chronic or non-healing wound, The Center for Wound Healing at Morton Hospital offers comprehensive wound care services that can help you.  We offer optimal patient management to facilitate wound healing, the most advanced, local wound care products, and two state-of-the-art hyperbaric chambers.  Morton Hospital’s Center for Wound Healing provides services to residents throughout the greater Taunton community, including Taunton, Raynham, Middleboro, Lakeville, Dighton and Berkley, among other surrounding towns.

For more information about services provided by the Center for Wound Healing, call 508-828-7780.


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