Visitor Access Restrictions


The safety and well-being of our patients, visitors and staff is our number one priority. Please be aware of the following newly revised guidelines before visiting Morton Hospital:


PLEASE NOTE: Extenuating circumstances (such as hospice and end-of-life care) will be considered based on the best interest and needs of the individual patient, and these visits must be approved in advance. 

Emergency Department: 

  • ONE adult may stay with the patient for approximately 15 minutes or less during the initial registration/intake process only. 


  • Outpatients are asked not to bring others with them to appointments, but ONE adult may accompany the individual if needed. 

Approved visitors will be screened for the following and may NOT be allowed to visit or stay based on:

  • Recent international travel history.
  • Recent domestic travel to areas with widespread COVID-19 infection.
  • Contact with individuals with known COVID-19.
  • Cold or flu-like symptoms.

In addition, all visitors must wash their hands with soap and water or use hand sanitizer before and after visiting.

Individuals 18 years of age and under will not be permitted.

While we are sensitive to the difficulties facing loved ones of hospitalized patients, our health care team must keep our patients and staff safe during this unprecedented health emergency. 

We encourage family members and friends to use alternative ways to interact with their loved ones, including phone calls, Facetime and Skype. We are in the process of acquiring electronic devices to help support this method of communication on each of our inpatient care areas. 


Entrances to the hospital will be restricted to the following entrances only (all other entrances will be locked and available for egress from the facility only or be accessed by badge access for certain personnel):

Monday – Friday

Main Lobby     9 am - 5 pm

ED Lobby         5 pm – 9 am 


Main Lobby     9 am - 1 pm

ED Lobby         1 pm - 9 am  


Entry Through ED Lobby Only  

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in helping to keep our communities safe. 


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