Behavioral Health & Psychiatry

Behavioral Health & Psychiatry

Morton Hospital’s behavioral health services program is dedicated to helping adults by providing inpatient and outpatient treatment options for a full range of psychiatric needs.

Behavioral Health & Psychiatry

Outpatient Psychiatry Clinic
88 Washington St., Taunton

Elder Behavioral Health Services
88 Washington St., Taunton

Comprehensive services focus on treating the individual to help restore balance and a sense of well-being. Morton Hospital is also able to address any medical problems that may accompany a patient’s mental health.

Outpatient Psychiatry Clinic

Our new Outpatient Psychiatry Clinic is conveniently located in the Ambulatory Services Center at Morton Hospital. Under the direction of our Chief of Psychiatry, Dr. Leonardo Batista, our clinic team specializes in treating adults with a variety of mental health conditions, including:

  • Depression
  • Bipolar Illness
  • Anxiety and Personality Disorders
  • PTSD, Adult ADHD and OCD
  • Psychotic Illnesses 

To learn more or request an appointment, call 508-828-7880. 

Outpatient Electroconvulsive Therapy Program 

Morton Hospital has expanded our outpatient psychiatry services with the addition of electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) – a safe and effective medical procedure for the treatment of many types of mental and emotional conditions. ECT plays an active and important role in the clinical care of many patients and is often used to treat conditions such as severe major depression, acute manic episode, catatonia and schizophrenic/schizoaffective disorder. 

To learn more about ECT, call 508-828-7880. 

Inpatient Elder Behavioral Health Services (EBHS) Unit 

Our EBHS Unit provides a multidisciplinary, integrative approach for treating older adults – age 55 and over –  with behavioral, psychiatric, or neuropsychiatric difficulties that require hospitalization. Our secure, 19-bed inpatient psychiatric program offers rapid assessment, daily programming and focused intervention in a short-term setting. Therapy services include:

To learn more about our unit, call 508-828-7432. 

Psychiatric Consultative Services

Our EBHS team also provides psychiatric consultation services for hospital patients. Consultation to the intensive care, medical, surgical, maternity and rehabilitation units can be initiated upon the request of the patient’s attending physician. Indications for a specialty consult include:

  • Unremitting depression
  • Psychosis
  • Threats to harm self or others
  • Agitation, Confusion or Mania
  • Other acute changes in patient behavior



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