Cancer Care

Morton Hospital’s Center for Cancer Care gives patients access to some of the area’s leading oncology specialists close to home.

Cancer Care

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91 Washington Street, Suite 302, Taunton

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Cancer Care and Oncology Services at Morton Hospital

The center’s multidisciplinary team offers a high level of clinical expertise in preventing, diagnosing and treating all types of cancer. 

Services include:

  • Medical oncology and hematology
  • Surgical care for a variety of cancers
  • Radiological minimally invasive biopsies
  • Multi-detector CT, digital mammography, ultrasound tumor ablation and chemoembolization
  • Cancer screening clinics
  • Palliative interventional oncology procedures 
  • Pain management services 


lung screening
2017 Lung Cancer Study
2017 lung cancer study, completed by Dr. Nathaniel Cook, Morton Hospital Medical Oncologist
2016 Bladder Cancer Study
2016 Bladder Cancer Study, completed by Dr. Nathaniel Cook, Morton Hospital Medical Oncologist
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Colon Cancer Study
The charts of all analytic patients from 2014 colon cancer cases were reviewed for adherence to NCCN treatment guidelines. 13 patients met the criteria for review. Dr. Robert McNamee, chairman of the Cancer Committee, conducted the study and the site review.

Our Team

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