MORCAP (Morton Comprehensive Addiction Program)

MORCAP (Morton Comprehensive Addiction Program)

Morton Hospital provides comprehensive addiction support services through our new 32-Bed, Level 4 Substance Use Disorders Treatment Unit called MORCAP (Morton Comprehensive Addiction Program). In addition to our medically-managed inpatient unit, our Intensive Outpatient Program offers a variety of interventions and therapies to support the continuum of care throughout each patient's recovery.

MORCAP (Morton Comprehensive Addiction Program)

Inpatient Unit: 508-967-3200

Intensive Outpatient Unit: 508-967-3838

Our 32-bed, level 4 inpatient substance use disorder (SUD) treatment unit provides the most intensive level of SUD care for patients experiencing severe withdrawal symptoms or medical issues associated to substance addiction. Staffed by doctors, nurses, counselors, behavioral specialists and social workers, our team will assess each patient’s degree of dependence, address underlying medical and psychological conditions, and develop a personalized recovery plan.

Our program offers:

  • Individual psychotherapy
  • Group therapy
  • An intensive outpatient program for continued care and support following discharge from our inpatient program
  • Pharmacotherapy (or Medication) programs
  • Referrals to address other medical or psychiatric needs
  • Introduction to self-help groups (AA, NA, Al Anon, Smart Recovery)
  • Psychiatric consultation liaison service

We accept provider referrals as well as self-referrals to our program, based on eligibility. Services are for patients ages 18 and older. 

Our team is here to support you through your journey and ensure you have access to the services and resources to encourage a successful recovery.